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Welcome one and all to the futuristic romance onelist homepage. I am the moderator for the list, which is dedicated to any romance that is in the futuristic, fantasy, or paranormal sub-genre. We started out small, but we now have a few published authors and many readers of the sub-genre.

Pretty much, we allow anything on this list that has to do with romance, even shameless promotions for upcoming books. All we ask is that your book please be a romance, preferably with some element of fantasy, but it can be otherwise. The only books to be showcased on this page will be those written by members that are SFFP (science fiction, fantasy, or paranormal) romances. Our only other rule is that there is no flaming or cursing; I reserve the right to ban anyone who breaks these rules.

That said, we're really glad to get new faces. As I said, we've got a few published scifi/fantasy/paranormal authors as members, and their books are showcased below. To subscribe, simply click on the button below:

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and follow the instructions. You'll get your first email almost immediately afterwards.

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