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Dog vs Cat
Country Music

Everybody has opinions. Some people have very narrow perceptions of their world, prefering to cling to what they have been taught their whole lives and not form their own conclusions about things in life. Others are vastly opposite, having no solid opinions upon which to stand on, going with the popular thoughts at the time and changing as they see fit. Yet everybody reaches their own conclusions on some debates.

Anyone who knows me knows that I can be very opinionated sometimes. I am a naturally open- minded person; I try to think things through carefully before I make any decisions or pass any judgment, but there are some issues on which I am adamant. Sometimes my views go against the popular way of thinking: tough. These are my opinions, this is how I feel about the subjects. Some are light-hearted, some are more serious, but each is a facet of who I am. There isn't much yet, but as I think of things I will add them.

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