Reading is a passion of mine; I've been doing it for years, and I think I've become quite good at it. I know what books I love and which ones I don't, and the multitude in between. And that's what this page is about, to help you, a reader, choose books.

Oh, sure, we all have our own tastes, but many of us have similar tastes, likes, and dislikes when it comes to our literature. I, for one, love romances and fantasy (the science fiction kind), and really like books with a good dose of both. I don't, however, read mystery and most horror (although I do make exceptions), and since I don't read them they won't be on this page. Catch my drift?

I will showcase a book (hopefully) each week, spanning over many genres and numerous subgenres. The reviews might be completely different from week to week or be the same genre for a whole month; it just depends on my mood. I may even post more than one book a week, or if I get into a slump produce less.

Identification of genres will go as follows:

S : (Hard) Science Fiction - Space, cyberpunk, computers
F : Fantasy - Elves, time travel, dragons
R : Romance - Books with main emphasis being love
H : Horror - Monsters, ultimate evil, etc
Ch : Christian - Main emphasis Christ's love

Sometimes these genres may be crossed, in which case I will put two symbols before the book's title in the selector.

How I rate

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